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Calling All HR & Corporate Party Planners Who Are Looking For Barbeque & Grill Cookout Specialists For Your Year End Celebrations!

Hi, I’m Daniel, the Chief BBQ Planner from EZBBQ.

With more than 12 years of experience in BBQ & Grill parties, you might know me as the “BBQ-Man”, or the go-to BBQ planner for corporate parties and cookouts.

However, what you may not know is that we are behind many of the successful mass-cookouts in Singapore, ranging from 150 to 2500 pax, such as the annual 987FM BBQ Beach Bash at WaveHouse Sentosa, Urban Wheels by MediaCorp, and the 1st-ever 560 pax “Pap’s BBQ By The Tracks” at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.

One of the reasons why people love us, is for our “Grill-on-site specialties”. Favourites like Fresh Sambal Stingray, Charcoal-Smoked Rosemary Lamb, and Spiced Chicken Sate are guaranteed to satisfy your guests!

Picture Of Brand, Mascot Or Founder/Owner

Meet Your Barbeque Specialist: Daniel Tay

Now, If You're Planning A Corporate Event For The 1st Time, BEWARE Of Nightmare Scenarios Like Those You See Below!

While there are some service providers in the market…They are a small group of “Cheap” caterers promising good events, but can’t even meet your event’s timeline. Usually with poor setup onsite and even worse service. They cause your guests to form huge service queues, unhappily waiting for their food (never mind the taste)!

In fact, such situations commonly occur at Ala-carte Events with no onsite supervision or inexperienced caterers. 

This is before even going into the concept planning stages.

Hungry guests = Angry guest!

Cheap, Disposable Trays Used To Contain Food Without Covers!

No Proper Service Tongs & No Warmers For Cooked Food!

Food tastes best when its freshly prepared, grilled and consumed. Some meats such as chicken, turn hard and bland. Experienced caterers avoid this, and will prepare in advance for huge turnouts, using special food preparation techniques that guarantee good tasting meats every time.

Can you even imagine serving you guests cold food?

What would they think of you and your event team?

Nightmare #1: Poor Logistics & Concepts Planning

Nightmare #2. BBQ Food Going Cold & Tasting Bad

Nightmare #3. Poor & Untrained Food Handlers

Now as party planners, we all know that to launch an exciting event that people rave about & share on social media is not just about food!

Without the right ingredients (great service & innovative concepts), it can go from boring, to frustrating to even dangerous in just a matter of hours! Here are some nightmare scenarios that we’ve heard happen in the corporate market (especially when you work with inexperienced caterers)!

Finally, the last situation you’d want are poorly trained foreign workers handling your food without proper food gloves, or mixing raw food into your ready-to-serve items. Always ensure your food is thoroughly cooked before serving!

The last thing you’ll want is half of the office taking Monday off for an upset stomach!

The Good News, We Have A 5-Step EZBBQ Framework That Covers All The Aspects Of Running A Successful Barbeque Event!

Over the past 12 years, countless successful events and constant improvements have lead EZBBQ to fine-tune our food events into a proven 5-step methodology for awesome outdoor grill parties. 

Like I mentioned, all these stressful “on-site” problems can EASILY be solved by hiring an experienced team that has consistently delivered amazing results with a proven track record!  

Introducing EZBBQ’s 5 Step Corporate Cook-Out Framework!

Over the past 12 years, countless successful events and constant improvements have lead EZBBQ to fine-tune our food events into a proven 5-step methodology for awesome outdoor grill parties. 

See Our 5 Step Corporate BBQ Framework In Action!

1. Precision Preparation:

All marinated food dishes are carefully weighted, thus ensuring consistently good food

2. Theme & Concept Proposal 

Arrange a meetup to discuss an ideal concept or theme for your party, choosing from our various activity types

3. Showmanship (Live Grill)

Actual grill onsite during event for maximum showmanship, for smoke and smell experience

4. Multiple Live Action Stations

Combine from multiple action stations to create your unique themed experiences, such as SG50 carnivals, BBQ Beach Parties, or simply school mass-cookouts!

5. Onsite Service Supervision 

For every event proposed by us, we ensure experienced and capable Service Captains will be onsite to manage the liaison, setup, execution and afterevent operations, such as basic cleanup or thrash clearing.

Awesome event experience, every time! 

Portfolio Of Our Corporate Events In The Past Year!

Mediacorp's Retro Theme Party @ Wavehouse Sentosa

ABB, a MNC focusing on equipment engineering, celebrated their 2015 Year End Dinner with a 600pax carnival with multiple booths, skewer party and live grills!

987FM + F&N + EZBBQ doing a retro relaunch party for Classic Sinalco and Kickapoo. We fed over 300 party goers and they mostly enjoyed our classic grilled chicken wings, Nanyang style kaya- butter toast & hot dog buns!

PAP'S BBQ By The Tracks @ Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

ABB'S Year End In-House Carnival @ Ayer Rajar

PAP's 1st ever 600pax Outdoor BBQ By The Tracks, with DPM Teo Chee Hean as the Guest Of Honor. They had a blast, and this event was even broadcast on the main PAP channels!

Consult With Us For Your Next Corporate Event & Get A Complimentary Grill Tasting Platter ($29.90) For 5 Pax Absolutely FREE!

So if you’re interested in having an awesome outdoor bbq party, then you definitely should check out our concept and menus.

Fill up this form on the next page and we’ll schedule a short discussion and arrange for the complimentary grill platter to be sent to your office before your next lunch.

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  • Interesting Concepts & Ideas For Outdoor Grills (BBQ Pits, Tiki Torches & Our Exclusive Range Live Service Stations)!
  • Discover Our Themed Menus That Aim To Delight Your Taste-buds & Senses!
  • Complimentary Grill Platter (Worth $29.90) For 5 Pax While We Discuss Event Details & Necessary Logistics!

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